CA$1000 Lottery Up for Grabs before Deadline

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Canadian Lottery provides its players with plenty of chances of winning it big while enjoying the thrill of gaming. The prizes of the lottery come with a deadline, and the players should claim them in a specific period. Although most players claim their tickets before their deadlines, the OLG (Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corp) has stated that there are only fourteen days left for the lucky winner so he can come and claim the CA$10000. After the two weeks, the person with the winning ticket will lose all legal right to bag the prize.

The OLG has a reputation for its wide selection of games that are available for players on a day to day basis, with impressive cash prizes. Therefore, the prompt reaction of the players who won any of the grand awards is essential, as waiting for an extended period will cost them a substantial sum of money. Therefore, the OLG announced last week that the CA$10000 prize is still not claimed and that there is a deadline for the winner to come to collect his/her prize.

The Procedure to Claim the Prize

The Winner will have to follow the simple steps that are on the back of the ticket, and they have until the 6th of December to cash the prize, at 6:00 in the evening. The winner will have to present an ID and a photocopy of the ID and will need to fill the Lottery Prize Claim Declaration Form, which is a necessary action for any prizes more than CA$1000.

Lotteries Sometimes Remain Unclaimed

Such an incident is not unique, as all Lottery players can remember December 6, 2017. It is when the lucky draw took place, and the winning ticket for the grand prize did not emerge, and no one claimed that sum of money. There are many reasons behind that, including the winner losing or damaging the ticket.