OLG CA$50 Million Lotto Max Jackpot Winner Believes Her Prayer was Answered

On the night Sophie Rizavas bought her winning Lotto Max ticket, she had asked God to send her some money, even just a little as she did not need too much.

Although Sophie really did not pin her hopes on that particular request, because she was not sure at all if it was something proper to ask from God. Yet Sophie recalled that prayer when she was interviewed by reporters after claiming the CA$50,000,000 million jackpot at the OLG Prize Centre in Toronto last Tuesday afternoon, May 13.

Now the 63-year old lady from North York who held four jobs as a cleaning lady calls her big win a miracle, since playing lottery for her was just an occasional thing. Sophie feels that her multimillion-dollar windfall is a twist of fate, as she learned about the good news on May 10, 2014 (Saturday); exactly 44 years since she and her husband first set foot on Canada in May 10, 1974, as immigrants from Greece.

Coincidentally as well, and on that same Saturday, Sophie and her husband Tom had plans of dining out for a Mother’s Day celebration with their two daughters and their family. As the turn of events has it, the dinner became more than just a celebration of Sophie’s motherhood but also of her good fortune as Lotto Max jackpot winner of the May 09 draw.

She recalls that she was on her way home from work last Saturday evening but remembered to stop by at Sak’s Fine Foods Store at O’Connor Drive and Sunrise Avenue, the local OLG retailer from whence she purchased her winning ticket. Sophie checked her ticket on the self-checker but was not sure she was seeing right as the machine returned with results that showed a number of zeroes. She then asked the young man at the checkout counter to help her double check the results, but it got more confusing since the fellow said the amount won was CA$10,000, and not CA$50,000 as Sophie thought it to be.

A few seconds later, somebody from the OLG support centre called the store and asked for the person who scanned the winning Lotto Max ticket. It turned out that as a matter of procedure, the Lotto Max machine automatically freezes when a ticket worth more than CA$5,000 goes through one of the scanners linked to the machine’s system. In such cases and within two minutes, an authorized OLG representative must call the retail outlet in which the scanner is located so they can immediately communicate with the holder of the winning ticket. That was how Sophie learned that she won the life-changing CA$50,000,000 Lotto Max jackpot.

It is life-changing because Sophie no longer has to spend the rest of her days working as a cleaning woman at two hospitals and at two other facilities. Although she still does not have any plans on what she will do with all that money, one thing is for sure; she and her husband will finally have the vacation they have always planned for but never actually had since the day they arrived in Canada.

About OLG CA

The Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation, also known as OLG CA, is the chief provider of online casinos and other forms of Canadian online gambling within the province. OLG CA offer players big lottery drawings, online slots, and table games such as poker and roulette at regulated land-based casinos or the corporation’s exclusive gaming site.

OLG Lotto Max and OLG Lotto 649

As far as players within Ontario are concerned, there is nothing more popular from OLG CA than its various lotteries. Each jackpot gives players an opportunity to win a ton of cash, and the lottery system is designed to benefit funding at the same time. Players in Ontario can purchase lottery tickets in person or buy a ticket online at the OLG CA website. The site includes an optional newsletter that is sent out via email. This feature keeps the player updated on the most recent OLG winner list and current numbers for the lotteries.

A prominent lottery that Ontario players flock to is the OLG Lotto Max drawing. This drawing is extremely popular because it starts out at no less than $10 million each time. When the player wishes to try out OLG Lotto Max, they receive three sets of forms with seven number groups on each form. The numbers range from 1 to 49 and a set of three will cost the player $5 at a physical location or online. While there is a cap of $60 million dollars on the lottery jackpot, OLG Lotto Max offers $1 million side drawings when the total amount reaches $50 million. Players can opt for the Quick Play option to have numbers selected for them automatically.

The other hugely popular lottery among players is called the OLG Lotto 649. Unlike its counterpart, the OLG Lotto 649 offers the player a ticket with two different aspects. For $3 at a retailer or online, the player receives a ticket with one set of number going from 1 through 49. In addition, the form includes a separate set of 10 numbers that can potentially lead to a $1 million side pot win. The $1 million payout is guaranteed for at least one player and the OLG Lotto 649 itself starts at $5 million each time it resets.

An OLG winner list and OLG winning numbers for each day’s drawing are always available at the website. The group makes it convenient to play the lottery without even having to leave home.

OLG Online Casino and Online Slots

OLG CA licenses and regulates a host of land-based casinos, but the group also offers an internet casino of its own that is complete with over 100 games. The OLG online casino allows the player to access popular casino games from a personal computer or a mobile device. In addition, the games in the selection offer graphics and gameplay that are somewhat competitive with privatized gaming sites. Players must be at least 19 years old to access the OLG online casino and each player has to be a resident within the province of Ontario. The game selection gives the player an option of trying out each title for free or with a real money bet.

As is the case with Canadian online gambling in general, one of the most popular choices at OLG CA is the online slot selection. Fans of slot machines at land-based casinos will be able to find innovative web-based games that do a good job of replicating the classics. However, online slots take the playing format to the next level. Many advanced video slots come with five reels instead of three and can include hundreds of different pays to get paid during one spin. In addition, slots online feature different bonus games that can potentially boost the player’s total payout.

OLG Poker and Table Games

In addition to the OLG online casino and slots, the group also provides players with numerous styles of exciting and regulated poker games. While Texas Hold’Em tends to be the biggest draw among players, it is complemented by other styles of poker that can be found through the rooms and tables provided by OLG CA. The various events for poker OLG includes on its site include tournaments at physical locations throughout the province of Ontario.

Poker games that are sanctioned and hosted by OLG CA include the Bad Beat Jackpot title available through the site. Bad Beat poker is essentially an enhanced version of Texas Hold’Em where a player’s poker hand with a high ranking gets beat out by an even better poker hand. The progressive jackpot grows by accumulating the eligible poker pots that are different from the house rake, with a maximum of $1.00 per pot. While the amount may seem small, it constantly grows from the thousands of OLG poker players each day. The updated amount for the jackpot from the total game of poker OLG tracks is available on the OLG CA website.

OLG provides players with online titles and resources regarding tables games other than poker. A popular hit among players in Canada is the Fusion Blackjack title. This electronic blackjack game takes the action of the classic card game and speeds up the process. Players are also entitled to low buy-in amounts and high maximum bets. The wide range of betting options make it easy for any type of player to participate at a land-based or OLG online casino.

The online experience from OLG CA includes a few styles of roulette. These variations of the classic table games include European and American rules of roulette. Players are also able to try the games as a free play demo before putting down any real money bets. Since all roulette games and other games are provided with the regulatory oversight of OLG, players can rest assured that they are getting a safe and fair experience.

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