Hard Rock Casino Vancouver Appoints Raj Mutti As Executive Director

The Boulevard Casino in the Greater Vancouver Area is undergoing a makeover, and will become the Hard Rock Casino Vancouver early next year.  The casino will be rebranded with a rock n roll theme standard in most Hard Rock Café pubs and restaurants across North America, which is meant to attract a younger gambling audience.

The Great Canadian Gaming Corporation, which owns the casino, announced the new Executive Director of the Hard Rock brand this week.  Raj Mutti, renowned as one of the most dynamic, young general managers of a Canadian racetrack, leaves his job at Hastings Racecourse in northeast Vancouver to head the new Hard Rock Casino.

Mutti helped transform Hastings Racecourse into an entertainment destination beyond a standard racetrack, helped in part by installing slot machines onsite.  Spokespeople for Great Canadian Gaming believe the work begun by Mutti will allow Hastings and other BC racetracks to remain competitive in the modern gambling world, largely revolving around online casinos, sportsbetting, and racing sites.

The decision to install Mutti at the Hard Rock Casino came naturally for Great Canadian, though it was more difficult for the new Executive Director.  Mutti admits he is a loyal family man, and that the team he worked with for 15 years at Hastings Racecourse became a second family that will be hard to live without.

Although this was a mutual decision between myself and the company, it will be difficult leaving my wonderful team at Hastings Racecourse and all the dedicated members of the horse racing community.  They have become like family to me over the years.”

The Hard Rock Casino will remain the largest casino in BC, and is expected to attract a younger gambling audience when it reopens in 2014.

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