GSA Celebrates 15 Years With Plans For New Gambling Industry Standards

The Gaming Standards Association, one of the leading forums that set standards for innovation in the gaming industry, is celebrating its 15th anniversary of operations this month.  As part of the organization’s importance to the industry, GSA will be one of the most important presenters at the G2E Casino Industry Conference held later this month in Las Vegas.

GSA is committed to setting new standards for gaming developers, manufacturers, and operators around the world.  The organization’s commitments to quality and security have become imperative for slot machine manufacturers, lottery managers, and table game designers to meet or exceed when creating new methods of gambling entertainment. 

Canadian gambling regulators, such as the BCLC, OLG, Alberta Gaming & Liquor Commission, Manitoba Liquor and Lotteries Corporation, and even Lotto Quebec – all use GSA standards when operating casinos or other gambling venues.  These regulators are all members of the Association, and will continue using GSA standards as regulators launch their own online casinos and internet gambling domains.

Earlier this year, GSA announced a five year plan devoted to bringing the global gambling industry onside with its standards.  The Association will ensure it meets its long term goals through the launch of its Online Gaming Committee and the development of its Compliance Verification Tool.

These new innovations will form the cornerstone of GSA’s presentation at the G2E Conference beginning on September 24.  GSA intends to present how the CVT will raise the bar for standards in the growing online casino industry as regulators in places like Canada launch their own government-backed internet gambling domains.  Another conference featuring speakers from the Association’s global empire will address attendees in a free speech about the direction the global gambling industry intends to follow over the next several years. 

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