New iTunes App Ideal for Online Slots Players

There are tons of applications out there for users that have iPhones and iTunes. While you can use these apps to play your favourite mobile games and keep in contract with friends, there are now apps that let you keep track of your online gambling experience. The new WinLoss Slots Player’s Diary does just that – allowing players to keep track of their activity at online casino sites.

The application costs only $8 and provides players with the ability to keep track of their progress. The Slots Player’s Diary generates reports for players based on their activity at every online casino they visit. Based on this information, the application calculates the games with the best payouts and even generates documents that players can use for tax returns.

This is also a great application for players who may be suffering from gambling addiction. By tracking their progress, they can see if they are going over their limits and can adjust their playing habits as such.

The device is available on both iPhones and iPods. It is certainly a worthwhile investment for avid online slots players.

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