AGLC Joins BCLC In Campaign Against Gambling Gifts For Minors

The BCLC launched a public awareness campaign in British Columbia earlier in the month to inform families that giving children lottery tickets or scratchcards as stocking stuffers is not acceptable.  A press release from the AGLC confirmed a similar campaign is underway across Alberta.

Programs are in place across Canada to prevent underage gambling, which are collectively supported by governments, casinos, and off track betting sites.  But it is common in many Canadian homes for parents to give children lottery tickets or scratchcards as gifts for the holidays despite underage gambling laws.

The AGLC says that as many as 20 percent of Alberta families give lottery tickets or scratchcards to children as gifts for Christmas, birthdays, or some special occasion.  The likelihood of minors receiving these gifts dramatically increases over the holiday season, and the AGLC is doing what it can to prevent that.

Bill Robinson, President and CEO of AGLC, stated that Albertans and all Canadians must recognize that encouraging gambling for minors, even through something seemingly as harmless as a stocking stuffed gift, is wrong.

It’s important for Albertans to know whether it’s the holiday season or any time of year, the AGLC encourages everyone not to purchase lottery products for minors.”

The awareness campaigns in Alberta, BC, and other provinces will continue through the holiday season, and are expected to wrap up by the end of the year.

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