BP Oil Spill Becomes the Focus of Online Betting

The BP oil spill debacle has been the focus of the public eye for almost two months now, as news stations keep a steady lookout on the situation. Now, online gambling websites are weighing in on the situation, allowing the general public to predict the ultimate outcome of the fiasco.

The first option allows players to bet on who the next BP CEO will be. With odds of 3/1, Executive Director Iain Conn is the frontrunner, followed by Sir John Browne and Robert Dudley, each with odds of 7/1. Other candidates include Gordon Brown, Tony Blair, and Carl-Henric Svanberg.

The next category is a bit cold hearted, but it represents the harsh reality of the situation. Players can bet on which species will be the first to become extinct, as a result of the oil spill. Kemp’s Ridley Turtle is the most likely, according to Paddy Power, and their prediction may be correct. Before the oil spill, Kemp’s Ridley Turtle was already an endangered species; but since then, nearly 150 deaths were recorded.

But, the question that is on everyone’s mind is when BP will declare bankruptcy. On Paddy Power, there is only one option available to bet on: “BP to file for bankruptcy before the end of 2010”. The odds are 4/1, and players can’t make any other predictions. Paddy Power has, yet again, made a very feasible prediction. The effects of the BP oil spill cannot be reversed, and BP is likely to pay for its mistake and inaction.

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