Author: Terrence Nash

Illegal Gambling Arrests Cast Cloud over Hamilton Casino

The arguments against a proposed casino in Hamilton are likely to get a little louder.  The OPP say they have charged three people with promoting illegal gambling in the city as a result of a thorough investigation.  A court date for December 5 will see three people from Hamilton, Stoney Creek, and Waterloo, face their…

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NDP Leader Weighs in on Casino Proposal

 The planned casinos in Ontario have seen raging debate across the province throughout the fall with heated opinion on both sides pushing the cause.  Criticism of the OLG has been at the forefront of discussion as the forced deadline that communities must vote to ratify or reject the casino proposal by the end of 2012…

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Ottawa Think Tank Urges Timely Caution in Casino Plans

 Ottawa’s plans for a casino in the region are proving to be a controversial stance as lines are being drawn both in support for the casino and support against the casino.  Naturally there would be debate and disagreement from some residents and policy groups in the area; some advocates would like the proposed sight of…

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Ottawa Committee Votes in Favour of Casino

Since OLG first announced their plans to establish new casinos in Ontario’s cities, there have been dozens of communities that have stepped forward with interest in receiving a casino investment.  A lot of speculation has been centred on downtown Toronto or somewhere in the GTA being the frontrunner; but other cities including the nation’s capital…

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OLG Chairman Fights for Toronto Casino

  The debate over the potential Toronto casino continues, as OLG Chairman Paul Godfrey has presented some convincing evidence that it is a positive step forward for the city. After hearing the arguments against bringing the casino to the downtown core of the city, Godfrey has finally come forward to make his case known.   Godfrey…

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OLG Is Dedicated to Responsible Gambling

The Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation is one of the biggest gaming providers in Canada. As such, it has a responsibility to the general public to promote responsible and safe gambling among its players. Along with the OLG’s modernization players, which will expand the market, the corporation has also made plans to expand its responsible gambling efforts.…

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