OLG Chairman Fights for Toronto Casino


The debate over the potential Toronto casino continues, as OLG Chairman Paul Godfrey has presented some convincing evidence that it is a positive step forward for the city. After hearing the arguments against bringing the casino to the downtown core of the city, Godfrey has finally come forward to make his case known.
Godfrey was recently interviewed by CP24, and explained in detail the benefits of building the city’s new casino in the downtown area of Toronto. He stated that it would be an iconic item for the city, presenting a much-needed boost to the local economy, in terms of job creation and tourism revenue.
“If they want something iconic and they want to produce all these jobs and revenue that will go to the province and a lot of revenue to the City of Toronto, it should be downtown
Toronto,” he says.
Godfrey claimed that a Toronto location would yield the most revenue and create the most jobs, as opposed to any other location across the Greater Toronto Area. He estimates that the casino would create jobs for 12 000 Torontonians, as the city is in dire need to job opportunities for locals.
To further sell the idea, Godfrey states that only 10% of the casino would be dedicated to gaming. The rest of the location would be used for entertainment, such as restaurants, bars and a convention centre. It would be an all-encompassing entertainment venue, and Godfrey believes that it deserves widespread support.


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