Zynga Launches Stand-alone Platform

Zynga is the world’s biggest social gaming developer, raking in billions of dollars per year through millions of Facebook users. Now, the company wants to reduce its dependence on the social networking site by launching its own stand-alone platform, separate from Facebook.

Zynga Direct will allow individuals to play their favourite Zynga titles without having to access any other existing social network. This means that players will not have to log into Facebook in order to play Farmville, Zynga Poker, Mafia Wars or any other popular Zynga title. Currently, only five games are available, but the company is working on expanding its selection after the Beta phase is over. 

The new site is not completely separate from Facebook, as it remains integrated. Players can take their Facebook progress to Zynga Direct and vice versa, making the switch an easy process for avid social gaming fans. 

Through this new site, Zynga hopes to expand the networking opportunities available to players. The company believes that hosting a stand-alone gaming website will allow more players to connect via a mutual interest, and many analysts expect Zynga Direct to present some steep competition for Facebook. 


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