Quebecois Launch Lawsuit Against Full Tilt Poker

 Two law firms have recently launched class-action lawsuits against Full Tilt Poker: the first on behalf of American poker players and the second on behalf of international poker players. Now, another lawsuit has been filed against the now infamous online poker company – and this one is on behalf of Canadian poker players.

In April, Full Tilt Poker was indicted in the Black Friday scandal and the American Department of Justice took away the website’s right to operate in the country. For a few weeks afterwards, players in other countries could still access the website; however, Full Tilt lost its license from the Alderney Gaming Control Commission, leaving players from around the world without access.

This meant that no one, whether in America or any other country, could remove funds from their accounts. Full Tilt has promised that players would refunded but, so far, no action has been taken – so individuals are taking matters into their own hands by filing class-action lawsuits against the company.

The most recent lawsuit, launched by a Quebec-based consumer group, focuses on Canadian players. There are many thousands of players across the country who play online poker for a living and they depend on the money in their accounts to support their bankrolls and their livelihoods.

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