Montreal to Host Conference on Gambling Addiction

 In November, the 54th ICAA International Conference on Alcohol and Addictions will be held. With hundreds of experts and professionals in attendance, the event will present them with the opportunity to share ideas about various types of addictions, including drugs, alcohol and gambling. 

According to  Peter Vamos, President of the International Council on Alcohol and Addictions (ICAA), the conference will be of interest to researchers, educators, healthcare professionals and policy makers. 40 speakers will present work at the event and over 100 workshops and panels will take place, providing a wide range of patrons with diverse perspectives on addiction. 
One of the key points for the conference is the general examination of dependencies on drugs, alcohol and gambling. It will also focus on how productivity is compromised in the workplace as a result of these addictions as well as the rising rates of addiction in young people around the world. 
According to Business Review Canada, the problem of addiction is only worsening, and it is important that researchers, healthcare professionals and educators work together to deal with the issue. Over 15 million people around the world suffer from drug addictions. Each year, three million deaths are the result of alcohol dependency, about 10% of which are young people aged 15 to 29. 
In Canada, all addictions cost the entire population – not only those who are afflicted. The costs of addiction amount to $40 million for the country. 22% of that results from healthcare costs while 61% is comprised of lost productivity at work. As such, addiction is an important issue to all Canadians, and the upcoming ICAA conference presents professionals with the chance to discover new ways to help those that are struggling with various dependencies. 

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