Zynga Hires Online Gambling Expert

Zynga is getting serious about its venture into the online gambling market, the company has recently hired an online gambling expert to prove it. Recent reports show that Maytal Ginzburg, former president of 888 Holdings, has joined the Zynga team and will help the company make a successful foray into the online gambling world.
For the better part of the year, Zynga has been struggling financially. After going public, the company share prices have suffered, remaining at their all-time low for the past month. Even
venturing into mobile gaming publishing has not helped to boost the company’s profits.
Zynga was once the biggest social gaming developer in the world, but the market is based on fads and trends, and the company’s hey-day is coming to an end. More and more developers are entering the market, with newer and more innovative ideas for gaming solutions. So, Zynga must look for a new way to appeal to players.
As such, online gambling seems to be a viable solution. The company already has experience with casino games, as its poker and bingo apps have thrived in the social gaming world. Now, Zynga aims at adding a real-money aspect to its gaming solutions, and Ginzburg offers just the kind of assistance the company needs to make its venture a success.
Ginzburg will join the Zynga team towards the beginning of 2013; however, her exact role has yet to be announced. It can safely be assumed that the former head of 888 Holdings will provide some assistance for Zynga’s dreams of making it big in the online gambling market.

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