Start Your Quest for Pot of Gold in Rainbow Jackpots

rainbow jackpots slot screenshot big

rainbow jackpots slot logoFrom the Red Tiger Gaming lab comes a fantastic new slot called Rainbow Jackpots. This slot has a really appropriate theme for a slot – the Emerald Isle and all its luck and magic – so you know you’re in for some big payouts.

Four-leaf clovers, golden horseshoes and pots of gold are populating the reels, while the Lucky Leprechaun randomly appears to brighten your day. Even though the base game is pretty ordinary, if you see the Lucky Leprechaun you’re in for a treat. He triggers some cool special features and brings hefty payouts.

What We Love

First of all, we have to say, we were delighted by the innovative theme. The whole Irish ordeal with the red and green motifs and familiar details from Irish legends and folk tales really made an impression. And not just because the graphics and audio are pretty solid, it’s because the theme perfectly reflects the nature of slots. It opens the door to so many magical special features.

While we’re at special features, there are a couple that we liked. As per usual, there are Free Spins, except when the Lucky Leprechaun gets involved even the well-known special features become bombastic. When it comes to this one, you can get Mega Free Spins in which you basically trigger 100 Free Spins.

And, the other special feature we wanted to talk about is another thing Ireland is famous for, except for the luck and magic. It’s beer, of course. Yes, we definitely loved seeing a Beer Bonus in this slot, especially the Triple Beer Bonus Version.

In the regular version, you get to choose among 3 pints to get a bonus, and in the Triple version, that maximum bonus amounts to the staggering 1000x your bet. Considering that maximum bet is $500.00, you do the math to figure out how impressive the jackpot is.

rainbow jackpots slot screenshot big

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What We Do Not Like

Even though we usually like simple slots, this one is maybe a bit too simple. The interface looks different than in most other slots, with only options for setting a desired bet and the Spin button. So, there’s not much to think about here, you only need press Spin and enjoy. But if you like to control things a bit more, you won’t like this interface.

Another thing we weren’t crazy about is the fact that wins aren’t actually that frequent. Yes, the jackpot is huge, and the special features promise some pretty exciting payouts, but in the base game, you’re rarely going to see any action.

The reason for this is the fact that symbols often appear in stacks. And, it doesn’t help that there are only three high paying symbols: Golden Horseshoe, Four-Leaf Clover and Leprechaun’s Hat.

Also, aside from those two special features that we mentioned, there are no other excitements in the game. The theme had potential to create a really fun game with tons of different features and symbols, but the game development team obviously ran out of ideas really fast.

Worth Playing?

Rainbow Jackpots has some excellent points such as a cute theme, cool special features, whopping stakes and an even bigger jackpot. So, it’s definitely worth giving a spin, especially if you’re a high roller. But, unfortunately, there’s not much going on in the game that would keep your attention for a longer period of time.

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