The Top 5 Casinos in Britain for High Rollers

High Roller Casinos VIP

VIP gamblers tend to be high rollers, whom casinos absolutely love having around because they’re great for business. A high-roller, also known as a “whale” in casino lingo, is a player who wagers high sums of money. Since high rollers wager large sums (but don’t always win them), may casinos will do anything to woo them and have them stick around.

While every casino might wish to attract and retain high rollers, they don’t all have the same ways of doing this and you should note that not all VIP programs are alike. Different VIP players have different requirements, and so it’s important to look around even if it involves a bit of travelling.

If you’re a high roller (or a potential one) but don’t have time to run about the countryside chasing offers, it might be a good idea to look into different online casinos and see if any of them offer a VIP package that you like. After all, most online casinos will also try their best to attract whales just as land-based ones do.

If you’re a high roller (or more probably, it suits your ego), then you might be wondering which casinos here in the UK would be the best choice for you. The answer to that query is obviously subjective to how you roll, but here are five of the best choices.

Aspers Casino, London

Aspers was founded in 2011 and can be found within Britain’s largest shopping complex, this massive casino gives players quite a lot of options. With over 150 slot machines and 70 live gaming tables, this gigantic casino takes up more than 65,000 square feet of space in East London’s Westfield Stratford.

Aspers is popularly known for what is probably the best poker room in the capital, and there are monthly poker tournament. Some whales will love the poker progressive jackpot, while others might be more inclined towards the regular slot tournaments that happen here. This is perhaps the best place in London if you’d like to win big – and who doesn’t like winning?

Hippodrome Casino, London

No matter what hour of the day or night that you find yourself situated in Leicester square and itching to win big, you can head right on over to the Hippodrome because they’re open 24/7 every day of the year. With three floors of 100 slots and more than 45 table games including roulette, blackjack, pai gow, and more, you shouldn’t find yourself bored here. There’s also a dedicated poker room with daily tournaments where you can win exciting prizes.

If you’re hungry while at the Hippodrome, you should take note of the fact that one of London’s best steakhouses can also be found on the premises. And once you’ve had your fill at the Heliot Steak House, you can check out their cabaret, which has hosted some of the most celebrated performers of the last century.

Genting International Casino, Birmingham

Originally known as the Resorts World Birmingham, the Genting International was Britain’s first casino resort and still has an astounding selection of games on offer. VIP players will love the fact that there’s a separate section for high-stakes games and a salon privée for the necessary level of privacy and security while wagering big.

This five-star resort also includes an IMAX theatre, a shopping centre, a Santai medispa (to de-stress from your high-stakes games), a boutique hotel, and umpteen pubs and restaurants to choose from. Go ahead and bring the whole family, because there’s something for everyone here and they treat their high rollers very well.

Le Croupiers, Cardiff

One of the oldest casinos in Wales, Le Croupiers features a giant poker room that can accommodate more than 200 players at a time with its 20 tables. There’s a great selection of table games here generally, with popular games like blackjack, craps, roulette, punto banco, and three-card poker.

If you’re more inclined towards electronic games, then you can find machines for Texas Holdem and mahjong as well as progressive jackpots of up to £10,000 on their slots. And if you happen to get hungry here, do note that the onsite Chinese restaurant serves gamblers free snacks and beverages.

Manchester 235, Manchester

Located in a historic warehouse, the Manchester 235 is walkable distance from Manchester Station. There are a dozen professional poker tables and roulette wheels, 9 blackjack tables, 3 for baccarat, and a three-card poker table to keep any high roller happy. There are also 28 electronic roulette wheels and 20 more electronic games, if that’s more of what you fancy.

VIP gamblers should turn up on the last Saturday of the month for their £10,000 poker tournament, which typically attracts scores of those wanting to try their luck. And if you get hungry, the Manchester 235 is also home to one of the top 100 restaurants in the UK.