Mobile Gaming Revenue Worth Billions by 2015

According to a new report by Juniper Research, mobile entertainment will be worth $54 billion by the 2015. The development of mobile gambling, music streaming and other social applications will contribute to this growth.

Over the past year, media consumers have quickly adapted to new and emerging forms of rich media, fostering a great deal of interest mobile applications. As a result, major brands started allocating a large portion of their marketing budgets to the development of mobile apps to appeal to prospective customers.

The growth of the mobile industry was also helped along by the elimination of the “walled garden” approach, which saw mobile carriers controlling online content. Today, there is a free and open mobile internet , where all users have access to the same content and applications.

The report also stated that the faster growing sector of the mobile market is online gambling. This growth has been fostered by the biggest names in the online casino market, as names like Full Tilt Poker, William Hill and Microgaming jumped on the mobile bandwagon as soon as the trend emerged. This year will see even more online casino operators allocating increasing portions of their development budgets to mobile applications.

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