Could MGM And Tim Horton’s Establish A Gambling Partnership?

Gambling in Ontario has become a trending topic over the last several months on social media, in political chambers, and especially among every day citizens.  The OLG casinos have become a very divisive issue, while Tim Horton’s Roll-Up-The-Rim contest, which is recognized as a culturally accepted form of gambling, is popularly underway.

Private casino operators have placed bids and unveiled designs to secure the gaming licensing rights for an Ontario casino, which have been met with implied support from the OLG.  MGM Resorts is one of the frontrunners for rights to the Toronto casino proposal, and earlier this month announced a partnership with Canadian property developing firm Cadillac Fairview.  The two companies worked together on an MGM design for a Toronto casino located at Exhibition Place, and created a website that showcases those designs.

This week Tim Horton’s began its annual Roll-Up-The-Rim contest, which is beloved by Canadians coast to coast.  However, this year includes a special online roulette promotion called Rockin’ Roulette, which intentionally or not, further identifies the Roll-Up-The-Rim promotion with gambling.  Players aged 13 and up are invited to register online to spin the virtual wheel and potentially win free Tim cards.  Canadians have taken to both the land-based and online versions of the contest, and Tim Horton’s encourages roulette players to share their winnings on Facebook and Twitter.  Could this be the foundation of a Tim Horton’s sponsored online casino?

If Tim Horton’s does plan to enter the real-money gambling market, the MGM casino proposal could be the easy transition.  MGM has already partnered with Cadillac Fairview to design the casino, which proves its preference of partnering with Canadian firms for the Canadian gaming venue.  Tim Horton’s could enter an agreement with MGM to build a coffee shop inside the development, and secure the exclusive rights to supply coffee within the casino itself.

The notion is pure speculation at this point, and if Toronto rejects a casino at the deadline in April, the designs are dust.  However, given MGM’s plans and Tim Horton’s expansion into online roulette, it’s not a far stretch to see the foundations of a partnership somewhere down the road. 

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