ARJEL Issues New Online Gambling Licenses

Last year, when ARJEL opened up France’s online gambling market to international operators, the online gambling regulator issued only a few licenses to operators. There were rumours that ARJEL would grant more licenses as time went on, and that seems to be the case, as ARJEL has announced its most recent licensees.

Aubsail SAS, who owns and operates, has been granted a license from ARJEL. The license took effect on July 7 and will last for the net five years.

The website was created by  Derrendinger Arnaud, a French Olympic sailing champion. Already, the website has made 2.5 million Euros and the owner expects to make an additional 4 million Euros by the end of this year. There are only 20 people employed by the online betting operator, but Derrendinger has big plans for his website, which will only be amplified by the fact that the site is now licensed by the French government.

These figures suggest that it is certainly worthwhile for ARJEL to grant a license to this online gambling company.

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