Yggdrasil Just Launched Seasons Slot Machine

seasons slot screenshot

seasons slot logoYggdrasil Gaming brings us a fairly exciting nature themed video slot, Seasons. This game, one of the newest releases of the Malta-based developer, is based around the idea of the passing of the seasons.

The placid forest where this game is set will change with the seasons, but the change isn’t just cosmetic, since every season is a different game mode. The reel symbols in this game are the sort of things you’d expect to find in temperate woodlands, like leaves, fungi, and such. The only animals you’ll see are the four special wild symbols, one for each season.

Yggdrasil Gaming is a Malta based company with major development offices in Krakow, Poland. Yggdrasil isn’t just an online casino supplier, but they also offer a number of lottery products, like live studio lotto draws, scratch draws (both traditional and virtual), and even an upcoming daily progressive lotto, to be launched soon in Malta.

Yggdrasil is notable for developing its games using its iSense 2.0 platform, an HTML5 development platform that allows web apps to be easily accessed from computer and mobile platforms.

What We Love

The biggest selling point about this game is, without a doubt, its season mechanics. The seasons change every 10 spins, but they do not change in the normal sequence, Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall. Instead, the next season is randomly chosen every 10 spins. This helps keep the game fresh, since every season is a different game mode.

The difference between each mode is relatively small, but pretty distinct, regardless. Every season has its own special wild symbol, with its own special features that affect gameplay. The wild symbols are the following:

  • Hare Wild is found during Winter season. This little rodent duplicates itself once it lands on the reel, and its duplicate will always appear at the most optimal position to land you the bigger and better combinations.
  • Owl Wild is found during Spring season. This predatory bird grants you a re-spin every time it lands on the reels. During the re-spins, the Owl will move one space, either diagonally, vertically, or horizontally.
  • Deer Wild appears during the Summer season. This woodland creature becomes an expanding wild, expanding in a cross shape, centered on the position where it landed initially.
  • Fox Wild shows up during Autumn. This crafty creature grants the player multipliers; the more fox symbols on the reels, the higher the value of the multiplier granted. This is perhaps one of the most straightforward bonuses.

This game’s visual design is pretty good, with a nice overall design. The characters have a joyful and happy design, but luckily it does not venture into the overly childish or ridiculous.

seasons slot screenshot

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What We Do Not Like

This game is pretty good, I have to admit. I find it hard to isolate things to criticize about it, but that does not mean that I think this title is perfect. I did find that the game  could have employed more variety in its different seasons.

Although the changes are simple and elegant, perhaps having two features per season could have improved the game further. Alternatively, the special wilds could have had bigger differences in their features. This is, of course, a very minor complaint, since the game is pretty good as it is.

Worth Playing?

I’d say so. This game manages to do something that is very rare in the slot machine world: offer variety in its gameplay. Most games become dull and repetitive after a few dozen spins, and they only keep you hooked due to the thrill of the gamble, at best. Not Seasons, since it actually gives you more reasons to keep on playing.

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