The Updated Regulations of the Nova Scotia Casinos

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nova scotia casinoChanges are about to be a reality in the Nova Scotia gambling scene. On May 25 of this year, the Canadian province of Nova Scotia governmental authorities have revealed that local casinos can expect a number of regulation changes in the near future. The changes are already pretty fundamental to most of today’s casinos. These changes will include allowing casinos to train their own employees. At the present time, they are required to have them trained by a local community college. Letting them train their own employees will give the casinos more measure of control over their personnel.

It also includes allowing cameras to be placed in strategic places on the gaming floor. This is a modern technology policy that the government of Nova Scotia has particularly historically resisted. They have finally recognized that there is no point now. With most modern private cell phones having video functionality, it was getting extremely difficult to enforce a no video camera rule on the gaming floor. There are other changes, but these are the two that the casinos see as the most important. Another big change includes enlarging the maximum number of tables allowable for the supervisor and pit boss.

In making these policies, the governmental authorities worked in conjunction with the Nova Scotia Provincial Lotteries and Casino Corporation and the Metropolitan Entertainment Group. These changes are occurring in part, because it has been decided that the six casinos of Nova Scotia have regulations that are keeping them woefully out of date-particularly where technology is concerned. They need to be seen as equal in modern quality as their far more up-to-date neighbor, New Brunswick. Many in the industry think it is about time the Nova Scotia government opened its eyes to the stark reality.

They see their government as a kind of an out-of-date old man who is resisting any change for the better. The casino managers and professionals have already long recognized the need. And more than just a slight need; it is an imperative need for Nova Scotia’s casinos to continue to exist. It is their government that is way behind and is realizing the hard fact that customers are going to be less frequent at casinos that are out of date. And that is something they want to avoid at any cost. These updating of regulations will in no way harm the integrity of the game will maintain its old school feel.

Nova Scotia has also realized that not being updated, makes it almost impossible to overcome the new Red Tape that has been created by updated environment. They have learned their lesson. Even after the changes they will continue to work with the casino organizations to fine tune their casino industry.

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