Shorelines Casino Looking To Build Their Staff At Facility

shorelinesAlthough the Shorelines Casino project wasn’t expected to be completed for some time, it now looks like we can anticipate an early opening sometime in 2017. The Belleville facility is now looking to get their staff ready for an opening and has begun the hiring process for various positions throughout the casino, from blackjack dealers to front desk representatives.

The Great Canadian Gaming company is the parent company that is creating the Shorelines Casino. Great Canadian Gaming executive Chuck Keeling has stated that the current highest priority past the construction phase of development is to staff the casino. They will be looking for as many as 300 full time and part time positions to be filled. This number has been verified by a report that was released by Intelligencer who had originally spoken with Mr. Keeling.

The company will be bringing in a small group of professional and experienced people to come in and train new staff members and fill in executive roles within the company. This is in preparation to get the casino fully operational as soon as construction has been completed. Great Canadian Gaming will be particularly looking for local staff members that live in the area to provide a small boost to the Belleville economy.

They plan on using several methods for picking up employees at the newly established casino. Alongside online postings and job applications, Shorelines will hold a job fair that will scout out for particular talent that might be valuable for the casino. As the final completion date gets closer and closer we can expect to hear more details about the hiring process and how to apply.

While nobody has yet been allowed inside the casino to view the new facility, the company has released concept drawings that show a rather impressive interior. The casino is expected to be at least 48,000 square feet and allow for as many as 700 players to be on the gaming floor at one time. It will hold 400 slot machines and about 20 table games, not to mention an included VIP section.

Great Canadian Gaming is a fairly large company that owns 19 facilities throughout the United States and Canada and focuses on the Western region. These facilities include 13 casinos, 5 horse racing tracks, and 3 gaming centres that are mainly located in Canada with one property being positioned in Washington state. They have a high number of employees estimated at about 5,500 and have corporate offices located in British Columbia and Richmond. One key aspect about the company is that it follows the PROUD program to give back to local communities in which the facilities are located, investing about $2 million each year into these areas. The company has also been in support of 2,000 charity organizations across the globe.

You can look forward to the brand new Shorelines Casino to be ready right around the corner. It has a modern design and plenty of new and classic games for players to try out their luck with.