GambleAware Uncovers Problems with Gambling Industries Not Implementing Socially Responsible Protocols

Gambling Reform

The online gambling industry has been experiencing significant growth and increase in the number of players owing to the incredible amount of scope that is present in the industry. However, with the growing number of casino industries and companies, the need to establish firmer and more rigid laws for the enforcement of regulations is a must. A recent report of the GambleAware charity, however, shed a harsh light of the industry and the failure to implement safe gambling on their websites. Online gambling companies in the UK are required to follow specific rules and regulations and are expected to enforce this onto the people that are playing through these mediums. However, very few gambling names take the time out to implement this on the highest level, which is why they are now coming under public scrutiny.

In the report, Gamble Aware, which is an organization that was established to ensure safe gambling in the UK went on to state that the people running these gambling sites do not have proper staff who are trained to inculcate a sense of responsible gaming among the people who are playing. Since there are no restrictions, people are free to gamble as they please, which can lead to some disastrous consequences if it backfires. A lot of times, gambling websites do send out messages to their players about responsible gaming, but a message usually does not suffice, and people tend to either get misdirected because of it or end up ignoring it all together. These sites often put out messages that are also extremely unclear, making the message that they are trying to get across a lot more ambiguous.

To provide proof of their claims, GambleAware teamed up with Revealing Reality, to find out the present situation of the gambling industry and the measures being implemented to ensure safe gaming among the people playing these games. The research was also backed by the Industry Group for Responsible Gaming, which recently also brought along numerous changes to the Industry Code for Socially Responsible Advertising.

GambleAware was able to point out numerous drawbacks in the way these casinos work. One of the most glaring examples of this was the employees working at these places. However, the research shed light on a much more significant issue, which was gambling companies using their responsible gambling messages as a way to entice their customers, making them in turn play more rather than educate them on responsible gambling. A lot of companies who are in this business do not want to implement socially accountable gambling protocols into their work since it could work to reduce their overall sales.

Marc Etches, who is the CEO of GambleAware came forward to draw light to the issue and scenario that the industry is currently in. He hopes that this research, made public, will help companies understand the dire need of socially responsible gaming mechanisms in their work and implement them as soon as possible not just for the benefit of their company, but for the wellbeing of their customers as well.