Social Gaming Market Full of Fads and Short-Lived Trends

 The social gaming market apparently is not a very nice place for developers. According to a report in the Globe and Mail, social gaming is full of fast-moving fads and trends, which can be detrimental to the development of companies heavily invested in the market. 

Take Draw Something, for example. The game appeared in the social gaming world just 3 months ago and saw massive growth as soon as it launched. Within just two months, 50 million users were playing this online version of Pictionary. Getting wind of the game’s incredible success, Zynga hopped on board and purchased Draw Something for a cool $200 million. 
However, it would not be long before Zynga would regret that decision. Unfortunately, like all things in the social gaming market, Draw Something saw a decline in users. Over the course of a few weeks, more than 5 million players tired of the game, and its numbers are still on the decline. 
It is certainly a cautionary tale for social gaming developers. The internet is an entity that grows and develops at a rapid rate; as such, trends come and go quickly. So, it may not be wise for developers to invest a great deal of money in creating games like Farmville or Mafia Wars. It is also something that investors may need to look out for, as social gaming companies may not be the best bet on the stock market due to the volatile, unpredictable nature of the market. 

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