.Casino Domain Sells for $28000 on Sedo in Record Sale

Casino Domains .casinoAs dot casino domains (.casino) start to rank better and better in the search engines, the demand for casino domains has surged.

Online casino, gambling and xxx domains has always been some of the most valuable domains on the internet with sales reaching millions of dollars for the good names. Casino.com sold for 5,500,000 USD in 2003 but in today’s market value casino.com would probably be more around $20 Million.

Gambling.com sold in 2011 for 2,500,000 USD.

The Sedo $28000 sales price is a now a publicly revealed record setting price for the dot casino domain, and one of the highest publicly known prices for all the new domains extensions.

Some rumors have surfaced that Google might one day start to give these new domains extensions an advantage in search, and in a way, it makes sense to give these new extensions some advantage where Google would be able to better control what is gambling and xxx domains and hide them from people under the age of 18.