The Rise of Gaming a Good Investment?

The gaming revenue numbers from Las Vegas, China, and Macau for 2016 show that the industry finished strong for the year. This is a critical market for investors worldwide. Gaming investors are now wondering if these numbers will continue in 2017.

In the United States, the stocks focused on Las Vegas such as the Boyd Gaming Corporation were at 0.86 percent. Caesars Entertainment Corporation came in at 0.88 percent and Red Rock Resorts Incorporated showed 0.52 percent.

The biggest issue for 2017 is whether Donald Trump will be able to keep the economy of the United States on track. Las Vegas has recovered from the financial crisis at a slow but steady pace. When Barack Obama was president the United States economy was also able to recover.

Trump has promised to help United States businesses by drastically cutting the tax rates for corporations and focusing on domestic companies. If he can adhere to these goals 2017 should be another good year for the investors in the United States casinos.

The market in Macau is a wildcard for casino investors. Although there is a big upside there are also a lot of risks. The analysts believe the industry in Macau is a good opportunity for players if used as a long-term goal. MGM Resorts International are showing 0.64 percent, Wynn Resorts, Limited is at 1.13 percent and Las Vegas Sands Corporation is at 0.6 percent. The gaming industry in Macau is being viewed as a growth story currently being driven by the improvements to their infrastructure and supply.

Land and Buildings have addressed the fact that approximately 1.5 percent of the population of China visits Macau. The United States penetration rate for Las Vegas is ten percent. These numbers represent a good possibility for long-term growth in Macau.

The Chinese government is the most difficult element to predict in regards to Macau. In 2014 there was a crackdown regarding corruption by the government of Macau. This was the cause of a two-year recession. More recently, the government cut limits on single ATM card transactions by fifty percent. This could have an adverse effect on the gaming industry.

There is a lot of speculation regarding the gaming industry in Japan. The gaming market has become massive since casino gambling in Japan was recently legalized. This has opened the proverbial door for international investors looking to capitalize on an opening for a potential thirty billion. Although it may take numerous years for Japan to open resorts, players are speculated to already be on their way to Japan. Investors are keeping their eyes out concerning Japan’s plans for the Macau players.

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