Online Gambling Regulation Meets Obstacles

A new discussion paper about the future of online gambling in Ireland has been released. It provides an overview of the options that are available to the Department of Justice and Law Reform, but suggests that the regulation of Ireland’s online gambling industry may be a difficult process.
According to the report, the vast size of the online gambling industry makes it nearly impossible for it to be fully regulated. As such, enforcing bans on online gambling ads will be difficult. Instead, the report suggests simply blocking websites that violate the new online gambling laws.
The report also states that with the new legislation, there should also be an improvement of protection against underage gambling and fraud. New legal measures would also seek to prevent problem gambling among Ireland’s online casino players.

Currently, Ireland’s gambling laws are outdated and do not reflect 21st century attitudes towards the activity. The country’s government has realized this and hopes to update its laws. However, because of the extensive time that has passed since the law’s last update, it will take some time before the government can put together a sufficient plan for legalizing and regulating  online gambling in the country.

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