Normandie Casino’s Business Begins to Rise as Flynt Takes Over

Gardena California’s Normandie Casino has been a run down, outdated casino for quite a long time. It was first established back in the 1940s and failed to be renovated and remodeled for two decades, making it fall behind other competitors and becoming a sub-optimal choice for the average gamer. The casino always held a great name and held a lot of value and memories of the greatness the casino once held, and the potential that it had. This is exactly what Larry Flynt saw in the property, and when he felt he could flip the casino for a good profit he took full advantage of the opportunity and purchased the casino. The owners of the Normandie Casino were forced to sell, which allowed for Flynt to take the reigns. Larry Flynt has announced that he is planning on investing as much as $60 million into renovating and modernizing the gambling room of the casino, which would mean a complete overhaul.

The former owners of the casino had formerly pled guilty to counts of money laundering that were being charged against them, and as a result were forced to sell the property. Flynt was the lucky buyer that came along and saw the potential in its ability to turn a profit. The Daily Breeze reported a phone interview that they did with Flynt in which he stated that the casino had faced a large amount of neglect over the past few decades, which explains why business for the venue was so terrible. Larry Flynt will be putting in new signage and plans on spending $400,000 of his budget for media programming marketing that will boost the attention of the casino.

So far, all Flynt has done is purchase the property and stick his name on it, and this has already increased business for the casino. Flynt claims that business has already risen by 20 percent, and has seen a lot of older customers returning to the casino now that it has plans on being renovated. The casino did face a five-day shutdown period during a dispute between the new owner and Gardenia officials, who were expecting Flynt to pay higher taxes than the previous owners. To protest the tax increase on his other venue, Lucky Lady, as well as the new property, Flynt announced that he would be keeping it closed until officials changed their mind. Both residents and employees at the casino made their voices heard, and this resulted in the City Council recanting their new taxing rule on the venues.

During this first period of renovations the casino intends on remaining open. The back portion of the casino is the first place that is being overhauled, which has all the high roller gaming tables. The entire remodeling project will occur over several phases and will range from new flooring being installed all the way to a brand new gift shop. Flynt also reported that he was planning on adding a hotel next to the casino property.