World Cup Gambling Ring Arrested

When the World Cup began, the Chinese police force vowed to crackdown on all of the internet gambling rings in the country. Over the past three weeks, billions of dollars have been seized and hundreds of operators, arrested. However, these were only petty operations in the grand scheme of things. Now, the country’s biggest online gambling operation has finally been foiled.

According to BBC News, China has broken up a gang run by famed ringleader “Dark Brother”, which has processed more than 100 billion yuan ($14.8 billion) in bets. “Dark Brother” was arrested after a nightclub party in Hong Kong, on suspicion of running an online gambling operation that spanned all of the Southern and Eastern parts of the country.

His arrest led to over 25 more, as Chinese police apprehended the majority of his gang. 18 cell phones, 25 computers, 13 cars, 64 bank cards and 700 000 Yuan ($100 000 CAD) were seized. An additional 42 million Yuan ($6 million CAD) was frozen.

China did not make this year’s World Cup, but that has not stopped Chinese citizens from wagering on the tournament. Officials state that the country will never be able to create super star football players, as long as crime and creed continue to rule China’s sports industry.

Police still suspect that World Cup gambling continues to take place online, and they will continue their search.

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