Royal Vegas Casino Adds Two New Video Slots To Digital Gaming Floor

Even the most stylish casinos must add something new to their digital gaming floor to continue attracting new or returning players.  In the case of Royal Vegas Casino, an online casino renowned for its above-par customer service, players will have two new reasons to continue visiting the online gambling hub throughout October.

The casino is set to launch two new online video slots games this month that stand out as unique among any other games available in the casino’s collection.  One game takes players into the depths of the ocean in the appropriately titled ‘Dolphin Quest,’ while the other ‘Georgie Porgie’ is the latest addition to Microgaming’s popular Rhyming Reels series of online slots.

Dolphin Quest is a 5-reel slots game featuring 50 paylines with potential for high-stakes rewards.  Players swim with the dolphins down into the deep blue sea in search of hidden treasure.  While on the journey, players can expect to find wild symbols, splash scatters, and an opportunity to trigger an incredible bonus game – a guaranteed chance to win a stake of up to 75,000 coins!

Georgie Porgie invokes the lyrics and theme of the classic children’s nursery rhyme, and recreates the story in a rewarding online gaming format.  The game features 5 reels with 15 paylines with a 5x multiplier to increase the payout on initial bets.

This is a very important feature when the story leads players to free spin pudding cups worth 15, 20, or even 25 additional spins for greater chances to win.  Georgie Porgie, as with most Rhyming Reels slots, also boasts a progressive jackpot that grows as large as 375,000 coins depending on how frequently the game is played.

Royal Vegas has yet to confirm an official release date of the two new video slots, though casino affiliates hint the games will be live before the end of October.

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