Loto Quebec Introduces Online Group Lottery Services and Tool at New Lotteries Website

Last December 08, 2014, Loto Quebec launched an online lottery service system especially for online group play, which players can access via desktop at “loteries.lotoquebec.com,” or by way of a mobile device and the Loto Quebec Lotteries mobile application. The online tool, which is the first of its kind in Canada, requires users to be duly registered with Espacejeux.com, as this would denote that a player has been validated as one who is of legal age and a bonafide resident of Quebec.

Actually, the functionality is part of Loto Quebec’s new lotteries website, which offers the Online Group Play tool as a means for increasing their chances of realizing greater returns on their lottery spend. Although the formation of lottery groups is common, the system of pooling of tickets is usually confined to a limited circle of acquaintances, friends, family members, or co-workers. The great thing about Loto Quebec’s Online Group Play is that the functionality allows pooling of lottery tickets even among strangers throughout the Quebec province. An Espacejeux.com account holder can use the Online Group Play tool either to create a Lottery Group or to join an already existing one.

The service is available when purchasing one or more Lotto Max, Lotto 6/49, Québec Max, and Québec 49 shares and covering one or more draws.

Creating a Lottery Group Online

Loto Quebec lottery players who wish to create their own group must buy at least one share and must choose the lottery product to offer for pooling. The group creator has to indicate the maximum number of shares that the group intends to pool, which is anywhere between two to 100 tickets. He or she must also decide if the lottery group is available for public pooling, which means the formed-lottery group will be available via Loto Quebec’s search tool. Otherwise, a non-public group will have its own URL that the group creator or designated administrator can publicize as part of an email invitation for joining the group.

Joining a Lottery Group

Loto Quebec lottery players wishing to join a group or groups can look for one that corresponds to the lottery product that they intend to pool share, by using the “loteries.lotoquebec.com” search tool. They can search by type of lottery, by the number of draws for which shares are pooled, or according to number of shares pooled, and if the group include Extras. Some players though receive email invitation/s to join a particular group, containing a link that will direct them to the lottery group’s webpage.

Winning via a Lottery Group

When a Lottery Group wins, the members will divide the prize among themselves and in proportion to the number of shares held and contributed by each member. The share is guaranteed whether or not the winning lottery ticket is the ticket purchased by a player for that draw, for as long as it was submitted as part of the lottery group’s pooled shares before the draw cut-off period. Lottery Group members will know if their group won, since the results will appear on the My Results page. If a group wins, each member’s share of the lottery prize will be credited automatically to their respective Espacejeux.com real money account.

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