Nevada Lawmakers Want Online Casino Games To Compete With New Jersey

Nevada gamers are adjusting to legalized online poker, which was legalized across the state at the end of 2012.  One year later, legalized online gambling, including poker and other casino games is expected to go live in New Jersey by the end of this month.

The New Jersey system is raising many questions in Nevada as to whether the state will follow suit, and expand online poker to include other internet versions of the slots, blackjack, and other popular games.

However A.G. Burnett, Chairman of the Nevada Gaming Control Board, dismissed calls for expanded online gambling, stating the state wants to “prove our poker first.”

Nevada is poker only.  That was the legislative intent from the beginning and the board has no plans to do anything otherwise.”

But there is hope Nevada poker players will interact with other poker players in New Jersey and Delaware, which went live with legalized online casino games on Halloween.  The Gaming Control Board is expected to ask the Nevada legislature to authorize interstate poker betting. 

Interstate betting would allow players to bet against others across the country, and also help online poker operators in Nevada increase profitability.  However, Nevada players will be restricted to poker bets at domains in the eastern US, while New Jersey and Delaware players will only be authorized to bet on poker at Nevada-based sites.

Hope is not lost for online casino games in Nevada.  William Horne, the Democratic Majority Floor Leader in the Nevada legislature, believes Nevada law does not prohibit casino games.  According to Horne, the laws only prohibit online gambling on sportsbetting and horseracing.

Horne, with support from the Gaming Control Board, intends to introduce proposals to authorize online casino gambling that if passed, will put Nevada on a competitive level with New Jersey and Delaware.

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