Playtech Just Launched The Flintstones Slot Machine

The Flintstones slot screen big

The Flintstones slot logoWhat a year! 2016 is starting at full speed in almost every aspect.Doesn’t matter if you dig the superhero movies you’ll get at least 5 decent (and incredible) films or if you like sports with the Olympics and the Eurocup.

Just to name a few important events in this vertiginous year. The world of online slot machines is no exception of this unstable -yet amazing year.

The company Playtech is an example of this, it has developed a plan to gain substantial market share with tons of games, that sadly hasn’t been able to detail them for the media and the fans with a little bit of more love and enthusiasm.

We all know Playtech, a massive company with an innovative vision to find new products and deliver them with excellent quality. And from all of those titles they’re going to do this year my favorite one is The Flintstones. This hard working family is one of the world’s more famous families and they’ve been around for over 30 years giving joy and entertainment to our houses.

Yabba Dabba Doo is perhaps the most acclaimed phrase in the history of modern Television and it’s for sure the most successful Hanna-Barbera comic out there. The Flintstones have their own video games, movies, comic, cartoons, clothes and even a real slot machine in Las Vegas, but the most breathtaking part is that they “own” two major theme park features. Talking about versatility and greatness,

What We Love

The family, as a whole. You’ll remember for sure Fred Flintstones, the caring father and devoted husband. Their incredible food and his obsession for bowling.

His wife Wilma, his neighbors Barney and Betty Rubbles and the little kids Pebbles and Bamm Bamm. Each character with his own personality and traits makes it a gold mine for developers and features creators. There is an insured victory with the combination of this two giants.

The Flintstones slot screen big

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There is an slot machine in Las Vegas with several incredible exportable features for this online title. For instance, they have a two screen gameplay with the reels on the first one and the interactive on the other one.


This could be easily replicated in an online version. It has the advantage of introducing connected task to the player, they have to choose several things in order to gain a progressive jackpot, without changing the soul of an slot.

Two examples of this exportable features are the Bedrock Bowling Alley Feature and the Yabba Dabba Doo feature. The first one you’ll have to choose between several Fred costumes and Barney to pick the bowler and see if you’re lucky enough to gain the major jackpot. The second one is the perfect combination to earn wilds and multipliers.

What We Don’t Love

Even though this Estonian company has been around for more than a decade with incredible games and excellent media coverage is not fair to find out they’re making this game by their youtube page which they not normally use.

They’re relying heavily on their reputation and the excitement this brand offers to the players. A better management of the media and a lot more information on how the game is going to be would be very nice.

Worth Playing?

We don’t know that upfront, but it is a good combination. I have my hopes up for this title and I think they aren’t going to let us down. There is a lot of material to take from America’s most beloved prehistoric family and a huge fan base that is expecting a good game. I would definitely try it out. Yabba Dabba Doo!

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