Hard Rock Hotel Settles Over Drug Trafficking Charges

The Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas has agreed to an amicable to pay a $650,000 penalty for participating in drug trafficking with hotel guests. The hotel also is accused of allowing people access to private bathrooms for sex and drug use.
The complaint was voiced by gambling regulators in Nevada, after undercover agents bought ecstasy and cocaine from hotel staff and security personnel. This was possible in the casino’s two night clubs and Vanity Body English, the latter has already been closed.
In total, the undercover agent found at least seven incidents of misconduct by the hotel staff. In one case, the agent was possible to convince a security guard to allow him to smoke marijuana in a bathroom for just $80. In another case, an employee arranged the sale of 7.2 grams of cocaine.
Although no employees were named in the complaint, Hard Rock says that all employees who were responsible have been dismissed. The operator also stated that it will be conducting random drug testing for all employees. In addition, changes have been made to the management team.
The settlement includes $500,000 in penalties and $ 150,000 for the cost of the undercover operation. The director of the hotel says that shows the level of punishment, and the performance of the consequences that the hotel allegations. 


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