Casino Opening Early Means More Employees Are Needed

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empire resorts casino openingEmpire Resorts decided that they will be able to open their newest casino in Sullivan County approximately 14 days early. Instead of the casino opening on March 1st the new casino which will be 1.6 million square feet is scheduled to open in the middle of February.

Empire Resorts New Casino Opening

This decision was based on the Lunar New Year’s Celebrations which will take place on February 16th, 2018. This is a valuable way that the casino can target its audience as many Asians and people from the Far East celebrate this notable occasion.

The 100,000 square foot floor of the casino has multiple areas, including some sections that will have Mandarin-speaking employees. The casino games featured in these areas will also recognize what is popular in other Asian countries in the options available.

It is estimated that the employee base will grow to 2000 in order to meet the needs of the casino opening early. There were over a thousand people attending a recent job fair to help staff the casino. Approximately 1400 positions will be filled by two thousand employees in order to help the casino start and accommodate potential turnover.

They will be responsible for watching over 600 games as well as staff positions in the casino.

The casino has 330 luxury suites and is organized into an 18 story Hotel. Multiple pools, fitness centers and an arena for fighting are amongst the amenities available in the casino resort.

Empire Resorts anticipates that this casino property will gain much of the market share when it comes to luxury stays and gambling. Even though there are multiple casinos in the Northeast, the CEO is confident that this investment will be able to help cater to an untapped section of the market.

New employees have been interested in starting with the company as multiple candidates flew in from out-of-state to interview. Part of the reason that the early opening is taking place, is because the executive staff at Empire Resorts sees the casino more as a luxury and destination rather than a typical gambling institution.

Empire Resorts consider themselves to be a resort, casino, and a hotel which is worthy of worldwide recognition and exposure. The unique incorporation of Mandarin cultural and language sets certain parts of the casino apart from the majority of other North Eastern gambling institutions.

This is a much bigger concept than simply a casino. The unique opportunities for cultural representation are also evident in the casino. Chinese language games and personnel will help create a new environment that the casino resort will be known for in the future. Their further dedication to opening before the lunar calendar New Year’s Event makes it clear that they were willing to operate with their customers in mind.