The Real Numbers Behind Casino Games

Game Numbers Online Casinos

Every bet at an online casino guarantees you a chance of winning or losing. But this doesn’t mean that you can’t beat the odds of the game. Some people tend to think that gambling can always guarantee you a loss of money, but those people are looking at the negative side. Remember that there is also a guarantee where you can win totally big. But you have to be wittier than just thinking that gambling is a game of chance. This difference is what separates the professional players (who are living a wealthy life) and the rest of the gambling community.

Some may say that skill is the difference between players when gambling. But little do they know that ‘skill’ is needed in order to reap the best winnings out of a gambling game. Take note that even slot machine needs you to understand that mechanism as a ‘skill’ in order to get the best winnings. But what is that ‘skill’ that needs to be learned? It’s simple: statistics.

The Real ‘Winning Numbers’

The statistics of an online casino game in play are what is often used by pro gamblers in order to determine the real winning techniques. It’s also the digits that they use in order to time huge bets right. But take note that this is only effective when playing online casino games, and it’s what makes online gambling better as well!
The types of statistics include RTP, house advantage, and odds which is often used in sports betting games. It’s always good to observe these as it can give you a huge advantage, not in terms of getting the best symbols in slots or the best hand in poker, but the chances involved in every game that you deal.
To figure out the right statistics to use, it’s best for you to understand what’s being used per game:


One of the most notable statistic that online gamblers observe is the RTP (Return to Play). This is an advantage placed in online casinos and certain casino game titles as it gives you the amount that can return to your money. For example, betting $100 in a game with an RTP of 98% can make you win $98. Online slots use the RTP at most times at a high amount – ranging from 90% – 98.5%. This is the reason why everyday gamblers prefer playing slots as well.


Poker has an extremely complicated type of statistics used in order to determine a winning. Many pro poker players understand that the ultimate technique in winning more is to study the game itself. This doesn’t only mean your opponents and the combination of the cards. The odds, on the other hand, vary for each hand in play as there are lots of ways to beat one card combination and another. But if the chance is what matters to you, just remember that your odds of getting a Royal Flush are set at a very low rate (less than 0.01%)! These statistics also vary upon the type of poker. Video poker often has an RTP of 99%.


Blackjack is a game that uses odds all the time. The odds serve as a gambler’s means to determine their winnings and timings when placing a bet. Math skills are crucially needed here as there are fractions in the chances of getting the right numbers. The most basic formula is that there is a 4:52 ratio where a single number comes out, with an extra 1:13 ratio where you can get the lowest value.


Craps is a game for high rollers as it has an odds system that’s more even for every player. Take note that attentiveness is needed to play craps as there is a huge chance where you can miss the best odds during a session. But if you want to play safely, you can go ahead and bet on the pass line as it has a 1.41% advantage. But take note that the don’t pass has a better one as it gives you an odd of 1.40% only!


Players who bet on red or black in a game with a 0 has a 48.65% chance to win, whereas 2.7% per number are the odds for winning with a single number bet. House edge bets are typically set at 5.26%. Doing a lot of divisions and multiplications in performing a winning formula is strictly needed in this game – making it a fitting strategy for roulette fanatics. Lastly, the aforementioned odds of winning above will decrease even more if there is an extra 00 on the roulette.


Baccarat is another online high roller game due to its house advantage that’s set to be very low. Betting on the banker has a house advantage of 1.06%, and betting on the player has a higher 1.24% odds. So choose wisely if betting big and risky.

These percentages can be exploited with the right skills in computing winnings on every game played. But if you really want to learn this right away, it’s best to be observant when you play right away. That will give you a chance to figure out the right chances to win or bet higher.