Join Titan Casino And Receive Thousands Of Dollars In Bonuses

Online gambling in 2014 is betting on lucrative welcome bonus packages encouraging players to join the ever-expanding internet betting industry.  One of the leading operators of this movement is Titan Casino, a leading online gambling destination in Canada and around the world.

Titan is extending welcome bonus packages throughout the year, which go far beyond bonuses for players who register new online casino accounts.  Titan players who top up their online casino accounts can continue collecting bonuses for several months throughout 2014.  These bonuses, if redeemed at their maximum value, have the potential to add an extra $5,000 to all devoted Titan Casino accountholders.

Players who deposit between $30 and $199 can redeem a 100 percent welcome bonus, while anyone who places between $200 and $999 into his or her account can redeem a 125 percent bonus up to a $500 value.  The maximum is for players who make a $1,000 deposit, who can claim a 50 percent bonus up to $500.

But the bonuses extend beyond the welcome packages at Titan.  For the first six months of 2014, any players who deposit up to $200 into their accounts can cash in on a 100 percent bonus each month.  In total, this adds up to a potential $1,200 over the course of the six month period.

Titan is also offering weekly 100 percent bonuses on deposits up to $100 over the next 26 weeks.  If players claim every one of these bonuses, they will earn an additional $2,600 of free casino rebates.

The bonus structure could be attributed to recent waves made by Titan Casino, particularly for Canadian players.  In December, Titan’s affiliates announced a withdrawal from the Canadian gambling market effective before the end of 2013.  But in a later announcement, the casino reversed its decision and offered welcome back bonuses as a means to retain players.

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