New Online Gaming Offering From Amazon is one of the world’s premier destinations for entertainment in the online world. You can purchase just about any book, movie or video game from the website. So, it would seem only natural for the company to venture into the online gaming market – and that is exactly what it has done. The new Game Connect Service from Amazon offers a new way for players to take part in all types of online games.

Game Connect is something quite innovative for the online gaming market. It links a player’s online gaming account to their Amazon account, so their subscriptions and other virtual items will instantly be credited to the game. This means that players no longer have to keep track of complex codes, so developers can offer seamless connectivity when it comes to sell their content.

Another great feature that Game Connect offers is its extensive list of free-play MMOs. Game Connect keeps users in the know about massive multiplayer online games that are new and exciting – and, free to play! Since the BETA release of MineCraft, free MMOs have become a craze in the online gaming market. So, Game Connect could link you to the nest best thing in the online gaming world.

“This is an exciting next step for the Digital Games Store and we have even more to come,” says Mike Frazzini, Amazon Games Director.

The release of Game Connect comes hot on the heels of Amazon’s GameCircle, a social gaming network for the Kindle Fire. It is very similar to Apple’s social gaming network, except players can take part in their favourite games via their eBook reader. Players can track their scores and achievements, as well as synchronize their progress with other social networks. The network’s release has also sparked rumours that Amazon may be in the process of developing a smartphone.

It truly is remarkable to see Amazon finally getting involved in the social gaming and online gaming markets.   As a leader in the game retail sector, it is about time that Amazon took advantage of its grasp on the gaming market and ventured into the development sector.

Check out the trailer for Amazon’s New GameCircle:

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