Playtech and Featurespace Look to Protect Their Customer’s Safty

Online betting and gambling is a growing industry, one that will top billions of dollars in the near future. All of that money attracts the attention of high-quality hackers and identity thieves. While most online betting companies do what they can to prevent identity theft, it still happens from time to time, and at level that had Playtech concerned.

That’s why this online gaming company is partnering up with Featurespace. Their new partnership looks to help expand the safety and security tools created by Playtech by creating a thicker and more difficult to break series of codes that will make it nearly impossible for hacking and identity theft to occur.

Who Is Featurespace?

Featurespace is a fraud prevention company that has years of experience providing companies with an increased safety record for their online business. They use risk management software that is designed to protect people from identity theft by making it nearly impossible for the act to occur in the first place. It is a tricky prospect that requires careful and skilled expertise.

Their skills and abilities have helped them become partners with a wide variety of different companies. One whom they plan on working with in the future is Playtech. As mentioned above, they will be partnering with this company to help protect their customers and their players from identify theft that could endanger their finances.

How These Two Could Benefit The Casino Industry

Online casinos are typically fairly safe from hacking, but hacking can occur at any time. Unfortunately this puts customers of online casino at a high risk of getting their account hacked and ending up with stolen earnings.

Unfortunately, this has led to an increasing number of people having serious issues with online casinos. Betting sites, while still popular, remain a problematic place for many people to spend their money due to these occasional problems. Safety is an absolute concern that shouldn’t be ignored.

The Possibility Of Success

By partnering with Featurespace, Playtech is helping to provide its players and customers with a safer playing environment. Featurespace focuses its anti-pirating software on ARIC technology that helps to increase the management effectiveness of identify theft and will provide Playtech players with an increased level of safety for their online gambling experience.

This could set a good example for other online betting companies in the future. The success of this venture, should it be big enough, could be a crucial way for people to understand that online betting is a safe activity.

Stay On Top Of This News

Could more companies like Playtech partner up with safety groups like Featurespace? Hopefully: such partnerships will protect people’s identities and make online betting and gambling a safer and more effective way to have fun.

Until then, though, it is worth trying out a company that you enjoy. The chances of getting your identity stolen are still fairly low. Just be careful with your passwords, create unique profile identities, and regularly check your credit score to ensure nobody is messing with it.