Playtech Just Launched Nostradamus Slot Machine

nostradamus slot logo big screenshot

nostradamus slot logoAfter playing video slots online for a while, you start to find themes repetitive and boring. There are far too many leprechauns and cute animals serving as mascots in slot machines. Thus, seeing something as original as Nostradamus as a theme is quite refreshing. Nostradamus was a sixteenth century French apothecary that became famous for writing a thousand quatrains, short poems, full of grim visions of the future.

These poems are very vague and full of arcane language, so anyone determined to find meaning in the nonsense will find it. People claim that the French mystic has predicted almost every conceivable world event, using the same poems as evidence for different things. World War I, the Obama administration, the Cold War, they have all been cited as being predicted by Nostradamus in his quatrains.

This game was created by Ash Gaming, a casino supplier founded in 2000. The company was bought by Playtech in 2011, but they still operate as a subsidiary using their own name (and the tag line: “a Playtech company”). Ash Gaming is behind games like Sinbad’s Golden Voyage, The Life of Brian, among others.

What We Love

You don’t have to believe that old Michel predicted the rise of ISIS in Syria to appreciate the beauty that Ash Gaming managed in this game. The beautiful artwork features items that you’d find in the study of a sixteenth century natural philosopher/mystic, like books, parchment, globes, telescopes and hourglasses. The music is also fantastic, full of epic tunes and rousing melodies. This is no cartoonish videogame full of crudely designed and animated characters fit for a discount children’s coloring book.

Nostradamus Prophecy is not only pretty looks and epic music. The game has some amazing special features to make the experience exciting and entertaining. The most thematic one is the predictions from Nostradamus himself. These aren’t vague poems full of calamities, but rather direct announcements at random of cash prizes and bonuses like extra wild symbols. The prophecies show up only during regular play.

nostradamus slot logo big screenshot

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Another very thematic feature is the Planets Bonus. Here you’ll see the planets of our solar system orbit the sun, and hope they’ll align for you along the Win Line. If they do, they’ll grant their individual multipliers to boost your bet/win after triggering the feature. The music in this round is the epic piece by Gustav Holst, Mars, Bringer of War, from his suite The Planets.

The third feature is also very in line with the overall theme. Free spin rounds in this game have three special wild symbols, representing different natural disasters, that appear on the center position of reel three on every spin. These wilds, and their bonuses, are: Earthquake, which features the pyramids of Egypt and makes the reels tremble to replace symbols with new ones all around; Lightning, which shows the Eiffel Tower and changes symbols at random into wild symbols; and Tsunami, which shows the Statue of Liberty and changes an entire reel into a stack of 3 wilds.

What We Do Not Like

As much as we love this game, there are some things which we would have improved here. A larger presence of Nostradamus’ actual quatrains could have made the game more immersive and flavorful. The Planets Bonus is beautiful and has great music, but it would have been more exciting to have a mini game with some player input, rather than making you a passive observer.

Worth Playing?

Nostradamus Prophecy is an amazing game, with an original theme, gorgeous artwork, fantastic music, and great special features. This game is definitely worth trying out, even if you think that Nostradamus is just an overhyped charlatan.

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