PKR Poker Celebrates 8th Year with Launch of Mobile Poker App

British PKR Poker Company is celebrating its eighth year in the online gambling business by releasing a mobile poker app that will enable PKR members to activate and engage their virtual game characters in poker play, anytime and anywhere. Initially, a PKR mobile poker app for iPhone and iPad is available for free download at Apples iTunes App Store. Android device users though should not feel left out since the site commits to release an Android compatible mobile poker app any time soon.

PKR founder Jez San had previously recalled that his company started from nothing in 2006, but he and his team were able to deliver something new to the online poker world. San said that back when they first started, his goal was to bring something as close to real life poker as possible, in which friends play and jest with each other in the most sociable way.  

Thus, PKR Poker launched eight years ago with more than just action-packed multi-table tournaments, ring games and round the clock sit and go sessions presented in cards and numbers, as online poker offerings. The poker website furnishes character customisation tools and 3D-rendered features that make playing with PKR’s poker games a stimulating and enjoyable experience. 

PKR’s Immersive Gaming Environments

PKR Poker rendered everything in stunning 3D graphics, from environment to poker avatars. Players have the option to immerse themselves in poker games set in a variety of awesome realistic-looking locations with varying themes and decors. One can opt to play in a Grecian, Egyptian, or Asian inspired game room or settle for a casino room that one could find in a classic Vegas, Monte Carlo or a high-end paradise resort casino. Players can explore different types of poker room settings such as those that one would typically find in a basement bar, an exclusive metro club, a vintage bar and even in a simple domestic game room. PKR also gave a rendering of its own version of a PKR Casino and a PKR studio all set for a televised poker tournament.

Unique Avatars with Character Customisations

PKR provides players with tools that they can use to build an avatar with unlimited options for character development. They could build one that resembles as closely as possible their individual looks or that of any persona they want to be. At PKR Poker, the fun starts with character building, from selecting a gender to styling an avatar’s hair, to choosing a skin tone, a body shape, clothing items, and accessories, as well as creating a poker face by tweaking the avatar’s eyes, nose, lips, and ears.

PKR’s Emote Control Technology

PKR poker players can also control their avatar’s actions and body language to express emotion or to fake opponents by using PKR’s Emote Control Technology. Instead of using emoticons, PKR players choose from a wide selection of animated gestures, eye movements, and mood settings to make their character appear confident, nervous, cheerful, and indifferent or any bodily indications they want to project in conveying or hiding their advantage, or in bluffing their way through the game.
In announcing the release of the mobile poker app, PKR Poker stated, “We have seen millions of avatars in action at the felt, enjoyed eight PKR Live events, and celebrated the victories of 78 PKR Masters champions…. “As our 3D poker journey continues, we look forward to many more great moments.”

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