75% of Adults Gamble, Study Shows

A recent study by the UK gambling commission has revealed that 73% of adults in the country take part in gambling activities. The third annual British Gambling Prevalence Survey showed an increase from 67% of adults in 2007. When asked why they choose to gamble, most respondents stated that it was just an activity they take part in for fun, while others noted that they were drawn to the possibility of winning cash prizes.

Despite the huge developments taking place in the online gambling world, the survey discovered that there was only a small increase in online casino activity among UK players. Compared to the number of Brits that gamble in land-based venues, the online population is still relatively small.

The survey also found a 0.2% increase in the incidence of gambling addiction among the UK’s adult population. Although the population of problem gamblers is quite small, the Gambling Commission notes that it is growing and believes that regulation in necessary to discourage gambling problems from developing.

As such, the industry needs to pay for programs to help the Gambling Commission understand problem gamblers and find the most effective prevention and treatment methods. The commission encourages fundraising efforts to help the development of these programs to prevent further increases in the problem gambling rate.

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