First Nation Chiefs Angry With SIGA Spending

The First Nation chiefs are angry with the board of the Saskatchewan Indian Gaming Authority (SIGA) after taking a closer look at financial documents that have shown unnecessary extravagant spending. Even though millions are earned every year through gambling, the expenses are unjustifiable.

Documents detailing where thousands of dollars have been spent by the SIGA board have been viewed by the First Nation chiefs, and they are flabbergasted, frustrated and angry. July 2011 alone, over $78,000 was reportedly spent by SIGA.

The SIGA itself is not the problem it seems. It’s more that there are problematic people on the board that have created this problem. Velma Knight, a First Nation Saulteaux Chief has expressed his frustration, saying that it’s the SIGA’s job to make decisions for them, not just take their money and take advantage of their position.

Some of the people on the SIGA board are greedy, and by the looks of things, they will get the boot soon. Since these claims and other complaints have come to light, there’s been a strong desire and effort to get rid of the rotten apples on the SIGA board.

The former board chair, Kirk Goodtrack must’ve known something was up, because when he attempted to make much needed changes, he was ousted by many of the SIGA board members. It’s really not surprising though that they would do that, after all, if Goodtrack had his way, they’d have to stop their extravagant spending.

Goodtrack has since fought his dismissal, and has been reinstated back onto the SIGA board. Hopefully, he’ll set things right, the way he planned.



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