Germany Hosts Record-Breaking Women’s World Cup

Women’s football has slowly been climbing the ranks in the sports world, and this year’s Women’s World Cup in Germany is evidence of that. The games are off to a great start, with record-breaking attendance and television viewers and the tournament is expected to boost the popularity of women’s football around the world.

The opener and final games for the tournament have already sold out, which is rare for an women’s football tournament. The rest of the games are also seeing a great deal of success, as 80% of the tickets for the whole tournament have already been sold. Organizers expect that more tickets will be sold at the door.

In terms of television viewing, the games have broken records. In Germany, the record number of viewers for a female football competition was 10 million. This year, that number has been trumped, as 14 million people tuned in to watch Germany play Canada this past weekend. More television records are expected to be broken, as over 80% of Germans have stated that they plan on watching the games this year.

Analysts believe that the host country has had a great effect on the performance of this year’s Women’s World Cup. The country has a huge popular of female football fans, who are excited to tune into a tournament hosted in their own country. Thanks to this impressive support system, organizers believe that the reputation for women’s football will improve in the near future.

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