Wasaga May Get A New Casino

Wasaga Beach is a popular attraction for local residents. While many tourists have yet to discover this lovely destination, it is frequented mostly by visitors from Toronto and the rest of the GTA. The beach is host to a number of scenic hotels and restaurants, but it lacks a wide range of adult entertainment offerings. As such, local councillors are considering the idea of bringing a casino to Wasaga Beach for visitors to enjoy.

Earlier this week at a committee meeting, councillors agreed to go on record as having expressed interest in launching a casino in Wasaga Beach. The Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation has already deemed Wasaga, Collingwood, Springwater and Clearview as not having enough gaming options for residents. Wasaga is currently the only township that has come forward to express its interest in taking the OLG up on the offer.

The next step forward in bringing a casino to Wasaga Beach will see residents and local politicians come to an agreement on the issue. The mayor and MPs from local municipalities will work together to determine whether or not a casino would be a good idea and what the best course of action would be for bringing it to the area.

A public information session will take place on August 14th, so members of the community can weigh in on the issue. It is a great way to give the general public a good idea of how the new casino would benefit the local community and the process through which bringing the casino to the area would be possible. A number of further council meetings will take place, after which the casino will be decided upon. It is estimated that a decision will be made by the end of the summer.

As such, the Wasaga casino pursuit seems to be having more success that the Toronto casino. While the city continues to debate over locations and the casino itself, Wasaga has already moved onto the decision-making process about the new casino. Since the idea was announced for the Toronto casino, local councillors have made very little progress, so it does not seem like any decisions will be made for quite some time.


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