BCLC Shifting Focus To Online Gambling

The BC Lottery Corporation is shrinking the size of its staff.  Jim Lightbody, who took over from Michael Graydon as interim CEO for the organization, announced that layoffs are necessary for the BCLC to remain operational.

Lightbody says the layoffs will affect all departments, but confirmed at least 60 people will no longer be employed by the BCLC.  The restructuring is expected to save the organization up to $40 million, which Lightbody says is important to continue providing over $1 billion in revenue to the province.

The interim CEO says the reason for the layoffs is due to the evolving nature of Canada’s gambling industry.  More players are choosing to bet at online casinos or by using their mobile phones rather than play traditional slots or table games.

BC was the first province to launch its own regulated online casino called PlayNow.com, which was first launched in 2010.  The PlayNow brand was later licensed to the Manitoba government in 2013, while other provinces plan to introduce their own government backed online gambling networks.

Lightbody says Canada’s lottery and gambling regulators must adapt to the times by placing greater emphasis on online gambling, which requires restructuring on all levels.

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