James Packer is Involved in an Incident with a Guard at His Own Casino

james packer

james packerSecurity guards often go through their shifts without having to deal with too many hassles. In casinos, customers are generally easy going and do not cause much of a stir. Unfortunately, there will be instances in which security guards and patrons get into a confrontation. Usually, such instances garner no real attention. When a confrontation involves billion businessman James Packer, the news media is going to pick up on the story. Since Packer is in a relationship with singer Mariah Carey, his troubles with a security guard gained even wider news coverage. Namely, entertainment pages picked up on the mishap.

The oddest part of the whole story is Packer owns the casino, the Melbourne Crown Casino, in which he got into a tussle with security. The way the incident has been reported is as follows: Packer and an executive were trying to enter a particular section of the casino. The security guard, Dr. Iskandar Chaban, did not recognize Packer. Words were exchanged and things got heated. Packer pushed his way through and ordered the security guard be fired.

The sordid affair played out on New Year’s Day. Mariah Carey performed at the casino a short while before the confrontation occurred. She was not present when Packer and Chaban had their disagreement. Reportedly, Packer was abusive in his language and very angry over the situation. No security footage revealing what actually occurred has been released. No one even knows for sure if recorded footage even exists.

Chaban’s version of the events is that Packer and the accompanying executive were approaching the main gaming floor. For some reason, Chaban attempted to pull them aside to determine whether or not the two men had access to the area. Chaban says the men started screaming at him and pushed him aside.

What Chaban said to them has not been revealed. Nor has the reason why Chaban felt it necessary to stop the two. Again, no recorded audio or video is available for review. After the incident, Chaban had to be taken to a local hospital since he was so shaken up. He has retained legal counsel, but no lawsuit has been filed at the present time. Chaban was immediately suspended. He has not, however, been fired. Per his employer, Chaban was reinstated in his job and the whole mess is being referred to as a “misunderstanding”. Chaban had been working for the Crown Casino for three years with no other incidents. He took the job to help pay a number of bills including the costs of his three children’s college fees.

Hopefully, all of this will be forgotten and everyone involved can just go on from here. Of course, a lawsuit would prevent such an outcome.