Canada Is One of World’s Biggest Gambling Nations

In a recent study compiled by H2 Gambling Capital, it was revealed that Canada is one of the biggest gambling nations in the world. The study compiled data to indicate the average gambling losses per person in each country, and Canada placed among the top gambling counties.

In Canada, the average adult has lost $568 on gambling activities. According to the report, Sasketchewan has the highest population of gamblers in the country. The average amount spent on gambling per person is over $800, far above the national average of $586.

Saskatchewan is also the new home to a nation-wide poker tournament. So, analysts predict that the popularity of gambling in the province will increase over the next short while.

Across Canada, lotteries and scratchcards are the most popular gambling activities for citizens. Associations like the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation and British Columbia Lottery Comission offer some of the largest lottery jackpots. Government-run lottery associations are also looking into the option of offering online gambling websites. BCLC and Loto Quebec have already launched their own online casinos and the OLG is expected to follow suit shortly.

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