Ontario to Offer Regulated Online Gambling, Despite BCLC Debacle

Just one week after the British Columbia Lottery Commission’s new online gambling website crashed, industry experts believe that Ontario is planning on following in B.C. footsteps by offering its own government-regulated online casino.

Ontario currently has a $20 billion deficit, and politicians believe that online gambling would help to cover a portion of the province’s debt. The government is certainly in need of new revenue streams, as election time sees politicians making expensive promises to the province’s residents. For example, CTV Toronto reports that the new plan to provide 4-year-olds with all-day kindergarten would cost $5 billion a year.

While many of the province’s previous money-making schemes fell through due to lack of resources, the prospect of launching an online casino is attractive because it costs relatively little money to set up. Rather than spending millions on building a new casino and having to employ thousands of dealers, servers and managers, opening an online casino online requires a dozen office workers.

It has not been revealed whether or not the online gambling website will be entrusted to the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Commission, and the commission could not be reached for comment.

If the commission does decide to launch its own online gambling website, we have one piece of advice: seek assistance from a more experienced regulatory body. BCLC’s disaster of an online casino was launched without any guidance from the Kahnawake Gaming Commission or any organization that has ample experience in the industry. Hopefully, Ontario will not make the same mistake.

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