France Presents Lucrative Online Gambling Market

France has recently come under fire for its strict, almost unreasonable regulations for operators who wish to obtain licenses in its online gambling market. While many operators have stayed away, in fear that they would not break even or turn a profit, others are confident that they will eventually see a profit.

Bwin is one of the optimistic online casino operators, as the company chief has stated that it will see a profit by the year 2011.

Despite having to pay €5 million in licensing fees, Bwin has experienced a 27% drop in operating costs. If that number continues to decrease, the company expects to turn a profit next year in the lucrative French gaming market.

Additionally, Bwin’s merger with online gambling giant PartyGaming is also expected to increase the company’s revenue by providing an amalgamated group of customers, twice as large as Bwin’s previous client pool.

France’s own developments also contribute to the project success of Bwin in the market, as players continue to develop tastes for online gambling activities that happen to be specialties of the Austrian online gaming provider. This year, poker and sportsbetting gained larger player populations in France, which will fare well for Bwin as the company is known worldwide for its online betting offerings.

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