FIFA Presidential Candidate Banned

The upcoming FIFA Presidential election has made headlines, as organizations and individuals have had a great deal of say about the two candidates: Sepp Blatter and Mohammed Bin Hammam. While the gossip has stayed fairly innocent thus far, a scandal has just struck the situation, as Bin Hammam has been accused of corruption.
Mohammed Bin Hammam was suspended on Sunday, after being accused of bribing officials $40 000 each. The suspension will continue until a full inquiry into the situation is resolved. Shortly before his suspension, Bin Hammam withdrew from the election.

In response the news, he has announced that he would be appealing the decision. He hopes that he will  able to complete his appeal by Tuesday so that the ban will be revoked by Wednesday, when the congress will begin.

Now, Sepp Blatter remains the online candidate in the presidential election, leaving him to take on the position for his fourth consecutive term. Blatter was also investigated in relation to Hammam’s crimes; however, he was cleared of the accusations on Monday.

Blatter has stated that the scandal has done a great deal of damage to FIFA’s name and image. His platform for the election expressed his dedication to ridding football of any corruption. Bribery and other forms of corruption run rampant in the market, and Blatter has vowed to eliminate these threats to the integrity of the sport.

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